Key Changes In Online Underwear Companies and The Sales Strategies Applied Today

Underwear companies are now taking new dimensions in ensuring that they make more sales and that their respective brands gain grounds across a large scope. Social media platforms are now being used in reaching out to a larger audience. This is being achieved through several ways.

Majority of those who access social media today seem to be more interested in modern underwear. It is for this and other reasons that companies are shaping up mechanisms that will help them sell modern underwear to people through social media.

Among the social media strategies that underwear companies are applying include:

Celebrity Endorsement

98% of celebrities, particularly those in the youth bracket, have social media accounts. This is seen as an advantage for underwear companies. So far, key underwear companies such as MeUndies and Tommy John have managed to have their products endorsed by celebrities for the purpose of making more sales.

Celebrity endorsement applies when a renowned public figure puts on underwear from a certain company with the intention of creating brand awareness and consequently commanding sales.

Company Pages and Groups

Social media sites like Facebook give room for creation of pages and groups. This is one of the strategies that seem to have materialized a lot for online underwear companies. Through such creations, a company gets a chance to reach out to a contextual audience. Majority of those who join groups and pages for underwear companies are prospective in the sense that they can be easily compelled to buy.

Facebook goes a step further to enable companies define the audience they wish to reach out to. Upon creation of a post in any company page, Facebook provides a ‘boost’ button. Through the feature, underwear companies are able to choose the locations where their posts should be seen. The company is always at liberty to dictate the budget needed to sponsor the post. Underwear companies are using similar strategies to make more sales.

Social Media Buttons In Websites and Blogs

Considering that not all people trace online underwear companies through social media, there is the need to use other avenues. Underwear companies today have resorted to creation of websites. Through the websites, such companies are able to take people back to social media through the respective buttons.

Incorporation of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram buttons in websites makes it possible for prospective and existing clients to share the information with others through social media. This in return increases chances of making more sales.


It is evident that there are prime changes in the manner that online underwear companies are conducting their marketing and sales mission. Social media tends to play a major role in the aforementioned changes. Considering the hype created by social media over the past few years, online underwear companies stand the chance of making great returns through the same.