Web Hosting- Affordability vs Function

If you are searching for a web hosting service for your website, you might want to think about a few things while making your choice. Web hosting services come in a variety of pricing structures, and you will find everything from free web hosting to extremely expensive web hosting available for your to choose from. This leads to the question of why and how a service can be offered for free and also sold at a high price. After all, aren’t all web hosting services the same? The answer is no. Web hosting services are not all the same, and choosing the right web host for your substantial difference in the success of your site. Web hosting comes down to affordability vs. function.

While the most affordable web hosting services are free, free services often do not provide the same experience you would get when you purchase a low-cost or high-cost web hosting service. While having the obvious benefit of being without cost monetarily, free services have their downsides when compared to paid web hosting services. Some common problems you may encounter using a free web hosting service include no guarantee of uptime, unreliable service, and lack of customer support. Uptime. While most services usually claim that their servers are up more than 99% of the time, with a free service you usually have little recourse with the web host if your site is down through no fault of your own. If their servers crash, and you experience a catastrophic loss in business because of this, there is usually very little you can do to recoup this loss in uptime. Your site’s visitors may become upset, and they will typically hold you responsible, not the web hosting company. Aside from downtime, you also want to think about bandwidth. A free web hosts bandwidth and loading speeds are typically not as fast as a paid service, and can cause a frustrating user experience as visitors are frequently stuck waiting for pages to load.

Some alternatives to free web hosting are low cost and expensive services. Because these web hosts are paid to host your site, you will usually receive better services about things like customer support. Even if the servers are not experiencing downtime, you may encounter issues maintaining your website from time to time, and the support of a paid web hosting service means they’re actually at least minimally interested in keeping you as a customer. They will also have the expertise to make recommendations on increasing bandwidth subscriptions if your website begins to grow and experience a high amount of traffic, and other courtesies not usually found with a free service. For more hosting related reviews, visit weakmoves.com and see some useful tips that will help you make the right decision in choosing a web hosting provider.

Expensive web hosting services are probably unnecessary for most people, but for some, they can be an absolute necessity. If you have the need for unlimited bandwidth, fast processing times for large amounts of dynamic content, superior customer support with live reps, etc. then these services might be the appropriate choice for you. But, if you can afford to operate your website successfully without these additional perks, you might save money by picking a cheap web hosting service.